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해양 전통의 발명 : 일본 토바시 진주와 해녀의 상징 정치


The Invention of the Maritime Tradition : Symbol Politics of the Pearl and Women Divers in Japan


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The focus of this article is the cultivation of pearls and the woman diver’s(Ama) of japan. At Pearl Island in Toba, women divers perform when gathering pearl shells from underwater. The divers imagine the pearl whilst watching the pearl shell. This alludes to the combination of the woman diver and the pearl shell and the symbolic meaning of it. The Mikimoto pearl company symbolizes the success that one businessman had in dominating the pearl industry. It is also a symbol of the history of the company and the countless fishermen who were once engaged in the pearl industry’s “golden age”. After World War II, the Mikimoto Pearl was both a symbol of Japan’s economic development as well being a symbol of the pain of war for some village inhabitants. I interpret this as part of the symbol politics that involves relationships and a political alliance, like the Ama and the Pearl in the Japanese ethos.



  • 안미정 AN, Mi-Jeong. 한국 해양대


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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