An Analysis of Katakana Words shown in High School Japanese Textbooks of the 7th Curriculum


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This study aims to make an overall analysis on Katakana words which are shown in newly published Japanese text books for Korean high school students. These are made according to the basic guideline which is proposed by the Korean Ministry of Education. Japanese language teaching belongs to the second foreign language as well as Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Russian and Arabian. In the most high school, students choose one foreign language selectively in junior year. However the second foreign language teaching is rather insufficient condition in present curriculum. Japanese words are consisted of ①Chinese words ②original Japanese words ③foreign borrowed words ④ combination of ① ② ③ which is called mixed word. In Japanese, the foreign borrowed words are usually transcribed in Katakana. Korean high school students will use new Japanese textbooks starting from March 2004 for the next six years . In this study I have made a survey on Foreign borrowed words and proper nouns which are transcribed in Katakana. Some findings of my analysis may be contributed to establish basic vocabularies for the 8th curriculum of Japanese for high school teaching.


 1. はじめに
 2. 高校日本語教科書の概要
  2.1 教育課程別特性
  2.2 高校日本語教科書
 3. 第6次教育課程期日本語教科書のカタカナ語
  3.1 第6次教育課程日本語教科書の使用語彙
  3.2 カカタカナ語出現によるの比較
 4. 第7次教育課程期日本語教科書のカタカナ語
 5. まとめ


  • 金淑子 김숙자. 상명대학교 일어교육과


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