제품안전유공자 평가지표개발에 관한 연구


A study on the Indicator development for evaluating a contributor for product safety


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The primary goal of this study is to develop proper indicators for evaluating and selecting a person who contributes product safety in his industry. The indicators of product safety include input, process, and output in the sequences of product safety activities and systems. The indicators are proposed by the side of measurable and unmeasurable index. In detail, the indicators are consist of 3 parts - product safe management, efforts for product safety and the performance of product safety. The indicators are itemized by size of enterprise (large, medium and small size) due to the difference of their system and management capability of product safety. To get the indicators reasonably, the opinions of experts and VOC of the industrial field are considered. And the indicators are also divided by job position and level(an executive vs. worker). The items of indicators are 20 and the score is 200, that are the same whichever the case may be. The indicators are useful tools for selecting a person who serves the development of product safety in his industry.


< Abstract >
 1. 서론
 2. 지표개발의 이론적 검토
 3. 기존 지표에 대한 분석
  3.1 기존 지표의 항목구성
  3.2 기존 지표에 대한 현장 Needs
 4. 개선지표의 개발
  4.1 지표개발의 원칙
  4.2 단계별 제품안전지표
  4.3 제품안전 개선지표
 5. 결론


  • 이재하 Jae Ha, Lee. 남서울대학교 경영학과


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