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A Study on Safety Climate of US Army Construction Workers

박세환, 권영국

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The purpose of this study is to adopt the safety climate into domestic construction site effectively, in addition conduct the survey for the awareness of safety climate and analyze the Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD) of manual material handling (MMH) workers who work in army construction site and Directorate of Public Works (DPW) facilities under United States Forces Korea (USFK) camps in Korea. Job tasks in the construction trades often involve materials handling activities such as lifting, carrying, and removing, workers are at risk for musculoskeletal disorders from both acute and repetitive stress. This is especially evident with work that involves heavy materials and strenuous physical activity. The survey contained three sections. The first section consisted of ten questions with type of trade, years in trade, yearly working time, working status, handedness, gender, age, height and weight. The second section of the survey was a modification of the standardized KOSHA MSD questionnaire. The third section of the questionnaire concerned the workers’ perceptions of the physically stressful elements in their job. This portion of the questionnaire contained a listing of fifteen conditions and tasks with the following instructions, this list describes things at work that could contribute to job-related pain and injury. This study determines the factor structure of safety climate within an army facilities construction site using a modified version of the safety climate questionnaire (SCQ). It also investigates the relationship between safety climate and MSD. The SCQ was administered to 628 employees from four (4) areas (Uijongbu, Yongsan, Pyongtaek, and Daegu) and in three (3) job categories – construction, maintenance, and office work. Factor analysis derived four (4) factors, which were similar to those obtained in an earlier study using the SCQ. No differences between the earlier study and current domestic survey were found. Discussion focuses upon the measurement of safety climate, and also requires studying relationship between safety climate and job stress on behalf of MSD.


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 1. 서론
 2. 선행연구와 연구동향
  2.1 안전풍토 관련연구와 동향
  2.2 근골격계질환의 체크리스트 평가방법
  2.3 근골격계질환의 중량물 취급작업 평가방법
 3. 연구조사방법
  3.1 연구대상과 조사방법
 4. 연구결과
  4.1 통계자료 분석방법
 5. 토의
 6. 결론


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