한국과 일본의 조각예술 비교 고찰 ― 인왕 조각과 문학작품에 나타난 조각예술을 중심으로 ―


Comparisons and Analysis of Sculpture arts in Korea and Japan-Based on In Wang Sculpture and Sculpture Arts in Literary Works-


피인용수 : 0(자료제공 : 네이버학술정보)



The summary of the findings in the analysis is as follows. First, the shapes of the faces and chests of 「Hum In Wang」 made by Eunkei and enshrined in the South Gate of Japan and 「Hum In Wang」 engraved at the entrance wall of Seokguram of Korea are compared and analyzed. The forehead of 「Hum In Wang」 by Eunkei has rough muscles and is expressed coercively and exaggeratedly, whereas the chest of Seokguram's 「Hum In Wang」 has beautiful muscles consisting three round parts and is expressed artistically and exaggeratedly. 「Hum In Wang」 by Eunkei looks stronger and gives more coercion with the glaring eyes, rough muscles of the forehead, the high cheeck bones and firmly closed lips. In particular, the image from the chest and abdomen of 「Hum In Wang」 made by Eunkei is understood to have expressed the men's well-proportioned figures through exercise at that time. Second, Natsume Soseki’s point of view about the sculpture arts through 「The sixth Night」 in 『Ten Night Dream』 and that of Jin Gun Hyun which was emerged in 『Muyoungtop』 are compared and the differences of them are examined. Nastsme Soseki expressed a sculptor's performance that transcends imagination that sees the sculpture art as ‘digging out something buried in the tree’, and his nature-oriented point of view through his works based on intellectual capacity. On the other hand, Jin Gun Hyun expressed the sculpture art through anthropocentric angle of art based on a sculptor’s natural gift and excellent skills which need 'Arousing amusement’ and 'Outstanding skills'


 1. 서론
 2. 인왕
 3. 일본 동대사 남대문 인왕 분석
  3.1 남대문 인왕
  3.2 남대문의 「훔 인왕상」 분석
 4. 한국 석굴암 인왕 분석
  4.1 석굴암 인왕
  4.2 석굴암의 「훔 인왕상」 분석
 5. 나쓰메 소세키의 『夢十夜』 「第六夜」에 나타난 조각예술
  5.1 나쓰메 소세키와 서울의 보도각백불
  5.2 나쓰메 소세키의 『夢十夜』 「第六夜」
  5.3 「第六夜」에 나타난 조각예술
 6. 현진건의 『무영탑』에 나타난 조각예술
  6.1 현진건의 『무영탑』
  6.2 『무영탑』에 나타난 조각예술
 7. 결론


  • 權赫建 권혁건. 동의대학교 교수, 일본근대문학


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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