A Study on Haigakus of Northern Saitama Prefecture

사이다마현 북부의 하이가쿠에 관한 일고찰

尾崎高惠, 權海珠

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The purpose of this study is to collect the historical materials of Haigaku in the northern part of Saitama Prefecture through the administration of Cultural Properties Protection of city and town, and examine the present state and characteristics of the Haigaku. The Haigaku is a large board which haikus were written and is dedicated to temples and shrines. The themes of dedication of the Haigaku has a lot of variety; a way of making God rejoice, a memorial service for the dead, and also tatemae is pious acts but honne is a public entertainment and so on. That’s why Haigaku is one-source multi-use. From the results of this study, there are 67 Haigakus exist in the northern part of Saitama; 5 Haigakus are accredited(:deciphering traditional ancient documents and so on) both haiku and editors, 30 Haigakus are accredited only the editor, and the remaining 32 are not yet accredited. To arrange it in chronological order, 15 were written in the Edo period, 29 in the Meiji period, 2 in the Taisho period, 6 in the Showa period, 3 in Heisei period, and 12 are from unknown periods. The first characteristic of the Haigaku is an aspect of public entertainment culture, which can be created by anyone who can compose haiku, such as the Haigaku of oriku (acrostic haiku) dedicated to Kanasana temple in Honjyo-city. As a second characteristic, there is a religious and artistic aspect; the haikus, selected by the master which is representative in the Saitama haiku world, is dedicated to temples and shrines. Especially, Mucho Ishizawa in Yori-i-town kept faithfully to the ideals of Basho, and gave the lesson of haiku and renga(a linked poem). The Haigaku of haiku and renga, dedicated to Fudou-temple in recent years, is coming into its fruition.


Ⅰ. 序論
 Ⅱ. 本論
  2.1 俳額の状況及び分析
  2.2 俳額の奉納の趣旨の類型別分類
  2.3 解読された俳額
 Ⅲ. 結論


  • 尾崎高惠 Ozaki, Takae. 慶尚大学校大学院碩博士統合課程、日文化学
  • 權海珠 권해주. 慶尚大学校教授․同人文学研究所責任研究員、日文化学


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