구매업체와 공급업체간의 관계관리 효율성에 대한 연구


A Study on the Efficiency of Relationship Management between Buyers and Suppliers

박근완, 박광태

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Uncertainties of supply chains are caused by the fact that supply chains are formed based on relationships among different companies. In this study, relations among factors caused by uncertainties of supply chain and effects on performance of supply chain by relationship variables derived from the perspective of organization behavior are analyzed. Previous studies on relationship variables in supply chains integrate buyers and suppliers or only consider either buyers or suppliers. However, relationship variables should be considered based on relationships among companies. Companies specialized in fire protection in which small number of buyers (58 buying companies) selects large number of suppliers (128 supply companies) providing materials to buyers are used for this study. Structural Equation Model (SEM) and Path Analysis (PA) are used to grasp relations among attributes of relationship variables in supply chains. In conclusion, we find that attributes in relationship variable for buyers are different from those for suppliers. Relations between ‘dependency’ and 'trust' and relations between 'trust' and 'performance' are shown to be high for buyers and suppliers. On the other hand, relations between ‘dependency’ and ‘conflict’ and relations between ‘conflict’ and ‘performance’ are shown to be high only for suppliers. Relations between ‘conflict’ and ‘trust’ are shown to be high only for buyers. Finally, the mutual interdependence between buyers and suppliers are not independent and the response to relationship variable are found to be more sensitive as the magnitude of force is getting low.


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  • 박근완 Geun-wan Park. 고려대학교 경영대학 강사
  • 박광태 Kwangtae Park. 고려대학교 경영대학 교수


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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