‘말하기 연구’의 경향과 특징 - 1958년̰∼2014년까지 국내 학술지 논문 분석 -


A Study on the Trends and Features of Speaking' Research Papers

장동일, 김연종

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The aim of this study was to look at the trends and features of the ‘speaking’ studies over the decades in Korea. For this purpose, we analysed the 383 speaking-related papers published in academic journals of 147 species focusing on the related topics such as speaking, presentation, addressing speech, and speech etc. We first analyzed how the speaking researches have been done and how the trends and characteristic of the speaking papers were appeared. The results were summarized as follow. First, the speaking research was one of the high- frequent research topics in various academic fields. Second, the speaking researches were conducted most actively in the Korean Language and Literature field. Then the researches of Pedagogy and Humanities were followed. Third, the most common topic the authors preferred to study was the certain type of speaking like speech or address performed in public, and it was most commonly content analyzed. The reason of this tendency was the usefulness of analysis using the texts without considering the complexity of communication contexts. Fourth, it was noticed that many studies were conducted in the school-based context. Schools are the places to easily collect the data and students are the useful sources to approach. It can be acceptable, but it could have the limit of generalization due to the specific context of school. Future studies need to be carried out considering the changing communication contexts such as audiences’ situation, time and space related discourses, and uniqueness of medium including SNS, online etc.


 1. 연구목적
 2. 선행연구와 연구문제
  2.1 학문분야 연구현황
  2.2 ‘말하기 연구’의 개념정리
  2.3 연구문제
 3. 연구방법 및 절차
 4. 분석 결과
  4.1 학문분야별 시기에 따른 ‘말하기 논문’의 게재 경향
  4.2 학문분야별 ‘말하기 논문’의 경향과 특징
 5. 요약 및 결론


  • 장동일 Dong-Il Jang. 단국대학교
  • 김연종 YonJong Kim.. 단국대학교


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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