Well Being Life : Human Care


Sanjay Kumar Chaudhary

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This presentation specifically deals with the summary information about Mahima Group in Tikapur. It further highlights the activities of Mahima group and the areas of work that Mahima group have accomplished in many regions specifically Tikapur. The presentation in general highlights the different aspects of Mahima group, its working modality and issues while working in the community. It is seen that how Mahima group is playing role for the wellbeing of women and young people in Tikapur. A very effective group of women who are involved in various aspects of society like income generation, environment, health issues, social issues identification and problem solving. The presentation highlights the activities that Mahima Group is involved in working in a community, how they run and also how they generate resource for the conduct Literacy classes, social awareness program and micro entrepreneurship program for the women group and community people especially Tharu community by involving them directly in "Mahima's Ho Hee Bakery". The presentation briefly highlights the actions of Mahima group members to collect fund for the continuation of the programs in community people for development of well being of the community. Mahima Group is very efficient in addressing various problems of society, encouraging people to start small income according to their interest and skills for their better lifestyle for well being life and human care in rural community like Tikapur.


  • Sanjay Kumar Chaudhary Tikapur Kailali Nepal


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