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The Bathing Effect of Non-thermal Plasma-generated Hydrogen Sterilization Water to Atopic Dermatitis Patients

정은숙, 김동희, 박철성, 박재석, 오재윤, 이영훈, 송순봉, 이규재

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Atopic dermatitis (AD) is an inflammatory skin disease characterized by pruritic and eczematous skin lesion, and can subsequently progress to allergic rhinitis and asthma. Currently, various alternative therapies are interested for management of AD due to side effect concerns of antibiotic ointment and especially bathing remedy is the most popular. This study was performed to confirm the bathing effect of hydrogen-rich sterilization water (HRSW) generated through non-thermal plasma discharge in water on AD patients. 40 people diagnosed as an AD patient by doctor were recruited and ranged in age from 3 to 19 years old. Patients bathed for 30 min a day in HRSW for 8 weeks, and survey investigation, skin test at an interval of 2 weeks and multiple allergen simultaneous test (MAST) were conducted before and after experiment. In the survey result, itching, inflammation and redness were significantly improved and satisfaction of patients was significantly high. In the measurement of skin condition, moisture, elasticity, roughness, pore size and wrinkle were significantly improved respectively. For the result of MAST, allergic response against D. farinae, birch, D. pteronyssinus and house dust showed significantly decrease compared to before experiment. These results suggest that bathing in HRSW may have the positive benefits on the management of atopic dermatitis patients as a alternative remedy. However, more evidences are required for the safety use.


 재료 및 방법
  1. 실험재료
  2. 임상시험참가자 모집
  3. 실험디자인
  4. 설문조사
  5. 피부측정
  6. MAST 검사(Multiple Allergen Stimultaneous Test)
  7. 통계분석
 결과 및 고찰
  1. 설문조사 결과
  2. 육안관찰 및 피부측정 결과
  3. MAST 검사 결과
 감사의 글


  • 정은숙 Eun Sook Jeong. 연세대학교 대학원 웰니스건강논화융합학과
  • 김동희 Dong Heui Kim. 연세대학교 원주의과대학 환경의생물학교실
  • 박철성 Chul Sung Park. 연세대학교 대학원 웰니스건강논화융합학과
  • 박재석 Jae Suk Park. 연세대학교 원주의과대학 환경의생물학교실
  • 오재윤 주식회사 플러스
  • 이영훈 Young Hun Lee. 주식회사 플러스
  • 송순봉 연세대학교 원주의과대학 환경의생물학교실
  • 이규재 Kyu Jae Lee. 연세대학교 원주의과대학 환경의생물학교실, 연세대학교 빈곤문제국제개발연구운


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