성별 다양성이 의사결정효율성에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구 : 공유멘탈모형의 수렴 메커니즘을 중심으로


The Effect of Gender Diversity on Decision Making Effectiveness : The Convergent Mechanism of Shared Mental Model


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This study investigates the effect of gender diversity on decision-making effectiveness and the moderating role of shared mental model through multi-level analysis. In recent years, many organizations tend to be more diverse in terms of age, tenure, nationality, educational background, functional background, and so forth. Especially the increase in gender diversity in Korean workforce has indeed become the inevitable reality. However, many diversity researchers have analyzed the effect of gender diversity on a team characteristics at the group level and have tried to find mediating and moderating variables in order to verify contrasting results. This research adopts relational demography perspective and focuses on how differences between team members' gender affect outcomes. In this vein, this study examines how gender diversity at individual level affects decision-making effectiveness and also proposes the moderation effect of gender diversity convergence mechanism on decision-making effectiveness, which is mobilized by shared mental model. The shared mental model may enhance team members’ coordination and effectiveness in performing tasks that are complex and unpredictable and also make team members to share team’s objective which helps solving various kinds of problem. Team members who share similar task knowledge and teamwork can anticipate each other’s responses and coordinate effectively which means shared mental model may play the convergence mechanism enough to override the negative effect of gender diversity. The data was collected from semiconductor manufacturer, bank, and public enterprise and 346 questionnaires and 84 teams were finally used for the data analysis of the hierarchical linear model. Consistent with the predictions, the result indicates that gender diversity has a negative effect on decision -making effectiveness. However, team's shared mental model at group level plays a critical moderating role to mitigate the negative effect of gender diversity. In conclusion, we need to understand and clarify various convergent mechanism which can mitigate the negative effect of diversity. Even though diversity might have positive potential in a long-term, it would not be easy to utilize diversity effectively in the workplace until we can address the mechanism of it correctly. I also discuss the theoretical and managerial implication of findings in details.


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  • 김문주 Moon-Joo Kim. 이화여자대학교 경영연구소 연구원


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