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The Effect of Government Support on Corporations’ Organizational Innovation


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The main purpose of this study is to find out the impact of government support on the corporations’ organizational innovation. Among many fields of innovation, a lot of previous researches have focused on the product and process innovation, primarily known as technological innovations which have direct impacts on organization’s performance, while the field of organizational innovation research has been left aside. OECD, however, has developed a new guideline to measure non-technological innovations, specifically organizational and marketing innovation, emphasizing on their importance. In this study, the researcher first defines the concept of government support and organizational innovation and the relationship between the two concepts. Based on the previous researches, the hypothesis is set: Government support on corporations will have a positive impact on actual innovation of the corporations. The logit analysis method was used in the study, and the results are as below. Throughout the study, it has been found that the government support does have a positive impact on corporations’ organizational innovation. To be more specific, the analysis shows that the corporations which benefited from the government support turned out to have higher possibility to implement organizational innovation than that of the corporations which did not received government support. Moreover, even after specifically subdividing the types of government support, the analysis still shows that all types of government support positively affect organizational innovation. Furthermore, it is found that the more government supports corporations benefit, the higher the chance of implementing more organizational innovation types. This research is meaningful in that it is the first research to study the impact of government support on organizational innovation using Korean Innovation Survey(KIS), which followed the OECD guideline.


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