The Historical Relationship between Hata Uji and Shilla Myojin

崔景振, 金祥圭

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The Historical Relationship between Hata Uji and Shilla Myojin Choi, Kyung-Jin․Kim, Sang-Gyu  MINAMOTO Yoshimitsu had his coming-of-age ceremony in front of Shilla Myojin at Onjoji Temple in Otsu, and came to be alled Shillasaburou. There are many theories about the origin of Shilla Myojin, for eamples, (1) God for the coming over Korean Japanese since old times, (2) God for Otomo-suguri clan, (3) God appearing on the board of Enchin's returning ship from Tang to Japan, (4) God created to compete each other under the time of conflict between Tendai Sanmon sect and Jimon sect, (5) A simbolic God by Jang Bo-Go, but there is still a room for discussion with all these theories. Imajo·Nitta·Aketa of Shilla Myojin of enshrinement place are all mining districts, and we can see Hata clan's group community residence in the vicinity of the region. These characteristic factors are also matching to Shill Myojin, enshrined at Onjoji Temple in Otsu, so, the conclusion is that Hata clan worshipped a god of Shinra Myojin of Onjoji Temple, and MINAMOTO Yoshimitsu held his coming-of-age ceremony in front of the Shilla Myojin that is linked to Hata clan. If you look at historical records, we can realized that Hata clan was an iron manufacturing group. According to the Shosoin's(正倉院) register book in 8th century shows that 40 percent of registered people in the Tagawa and Nakatsu region had Hata related family name and the fact hat they created Todaiji Daibutsu in Nara during the reign of Emperor Shoumu Emperor by using the iron ores which was produded from Tagawa mines. In fact, Yoshiie, Yoshimitsu's elder brother also worshipped Shilla Myojin of Onjoji Temple and ASHIKAGA Takauji, the first Shogun in the Muromachi bakufu who is Yoshiie's descendant, constructed of Shinra Zenjin-do Hall in Onjoji Temple, which showed a strong connection with samurai Seiwa Genji clan.


 Ⅲ. 秦氏と新羅明神との係わり
 Ⅳ. おわりに


  • 崔景振 최경진. 부경대학교 일어일문학부 강사
  • 金祥圭 김상규. 부경대학교 일어일문학부 교수, 일본고전문학


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