「ないで」 「なくて」 「ずに」의 의미 고찰


The semantic consideration of 「naide」 「nakute」 「zuni」

공미희, 손동주

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The semantic consideration of 「naide」 「nakute」 「zuni」 Kong, Mi-Hee․Son, Dong-Ju In this study, the semantic characteristics of 「naide」 「nakute」 「zuni」 which corresponded and are comparative-analyzed to 「te」 type paragraph re-sorted, drawing the various semantic characteristics, are analysed. First of all, the usage of incidental situation, succession, cause․reason, means․method, parallel․contrast is included in 「naide」 as 「te」 type paragraph. The usage of cause․reason, parallel․contrast is included in 「nakute」. The usage of 「zuni」 is similar to the usage of 「naide」, but doesn't have the usage of cause․reason. Therefore, the usage of 「zu」 could substitute for the usage of 「zuni」. The usage of parallel․contrast is included in 「naide」 「nakute」 「zuni」 in common. In particular, the usage of cause․reason, parallel․contrast is commonly included in 「naide」 「nakute」, which has relation to the mutual compatibility. Thus, the author could learn the verb in subordinate clause represent the verb of unwill and state when 「naide」 as the usage of cause․reason is compatible with 「nakute」. In the usage relative to the parallel, 「naide」 「nakute」 「zuni」 are all compatible with one another. The author could learn the verb of action which mainly fulfills situation by the subject will of subordinate clause is used in this case. Therefore, this study is considered in comparing and analyzing the differences by introducing and applying three meaning attributes such as the existence and nonexistence of the will of the subject in subordinate clause, the nature depending on the type of verb, temporal context in the subordinate clause and main clause.


1. 들어가기
 2. 선행연구의 고찰
 3. テ형절의 의미용법
  3.1 부대상황(付帯状況)
  3.2 계기(継起)
  3.3 원인ㆍ이유(原因ㆍ理由)
  3.4 수단ㆍ방법(手段ㆍ方法)
  3.5 병렬ㆍ대비(並列ㆍ対比)
 4. 「ないで」 「なくて」 「ずに」의 의미특징
  4.1 「ないで」의 의미특징
  4.2 「なくて」의 의미특징
  4.3 「ずに」의 의미특징
 5. 「ないで」 「なくて」 「ずに」의 상호 호환성
 6. 결론


  • 공미희 Kong, Mi-Hee. 부경대학교 일어일문학부 강사(F.A)
  • 손동주 Son, Dong-Ju. 부경대학교 일어일문학부 교수(C.A)


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