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교배형 분자마커를 이용한 신품종 밀리타리스 동충하초 ‘도원홍초 2호’의 품종 특성


Varietal characteristics of new Cordyceps militaris ‘Dowonhongcho 2ho’ improved by mating type molecular markers

이병주, 이미애, 김용균, 이순계, 최영상, 이병의

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The mushroom species Cordyceps militaris has been studied and cultivated as a medicinal mushroom due to its multiple valuable biological and pharmaceutical activities. For breeding new strains of C. militaris, multiplex PCR assays were performed using primers specific for its mating type genes, MAT1-1 and MAT1-2. Mating types and mating status were confirmed, as evidenced by DNA bands at 233-bp and 191-bp for MAT1-1 and MAT1-2 respectively. The novel 'Dowonhongcho 2ho’ was developed through mating; they were found to possess high-quality fruiting bodies when grown in artificial media. The stromata of the new strain were club-shaped, with a bright orange-red color, and measured 7.1 cm in length. They had an average cordycepin content of 0.33%. Compared to 'Dowonhongcho,' the new strain had a 7% higher yield, as well as firm fruiting bodies. The optimum temperature for mycelial growth was 20~25°C, and the optimum temperature for stroma development was 18~22 °C. The fruiting bodies developed after 49.1 days from inoculation. The use of mating type molecular markers improved the breeding efficiency of the new strain 'Dowonhongcho 2ho.’ Thus, they may be valuable for artificial cultivation and industrial-scale production of C. militaris with excellent characteristics.


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  • 이병주 Byung-joo Lee. 충청남도농업기술원 작물연구과
  • 이미애 Mi-Ae Lee. 충청남도농업기술원 작물연구과
  • 김용균 Yong-Gyun Kim. 충청남도농업기술원 작물연구과
  • 이순계 Sun-Gye Lee. 충청남도농업기술원 작물연구과
  • 최영상 Young-sang Choi. 예당버섯
  • 이병의 Byung-eui Lee. 순천향대학교 화학과


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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