고산(鼓山) 임헌회(任憲晦)의 심론 - 기호 낙론에 유의하여 -


Kosan Lim Heonheo’s Theory of Mind - Focusing on the Succession of Kiho Nakron -


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Kosan Lim Heonheo is a representative scholar of the nineteenth century Naknon of Kiho school. Lim was affected by legitimacy of Naknon of Kiho school, which was established by Maesan Hong Jikpil, Geunjae Park Yoonwon, Miho Kim Wonhaeng, Doam Yi Jae, Nongam Kim Changhyeop. Lim Heonheo was a famous scholar at that time. Moreover, A fact that Ganjae Jeon Woo, who is a representative scholar of the late Jeosun, was Lim’s disciple represents his importance of neo-confucianism in the nineteenth century. Especially, he started a debate on liqi of Mind for the kiho academia since the mid-nineteenth century through a specific discussion on mind. In this regard, examining Lim's neo-confucianism confirms the inherent position of the Nak group of Kiho school, as well as the academic interest and intentions of Kiho school developed in the nineteenth century. This paper examines Lim's academic formation and development, inheriting Nak group's neo-confucianism. The important thing is that Lim Heonheo had critic mind about realization of moral practice of human can not be attained only with realization of Goodness of nature. Thus, for nature which has inactive character cannot be realized without medium of mind, so it must be focused on Mind which is main body of realization of Goodness of nature. For this, a structure of mind and nature should be suggested as realization of moral practice in the world with discussion of Mind as the main body of moral action. As Lim Heonheo’s critic mind and solution, the discussion of Sim was developed as the theory of the account of root and branches in Qi and original goodness of mind. It is the character of the theory of mind regarding moral of mind.


 1. 들어가는 말
 2. 임헌회 성리설의 배경
 3. 선을 지향하는 심론의 전개
 4. 왜 심시기, 그리고 심의 역할에 주목했는가?
 5. 나오는 말


  • 유지웅 Yoo, Ji-Woong. 전북대


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