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A Study on the Change in Beauty Environment

장영혜, 조기여

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The purpose of this Study is to provide basic data for the development of the beauty industry to meet its increased demand and liberated world markets more properly by analyzing the change of beauty environment by ages. For the Study, the literature and articles of costume and beauty, periodicals of beauty companies, and internet data were referred to review and analyze changing proceeds of beauty industries from the 1900 to the present by ages. The findings of the Study are as follows: We had the first barber shop and hairdressing salon in 1901 and 1920, respectively, after the Danbal Ryeong(A Crop Ordinance); modern education for women and active social movements resulted in change of hair styles; permanent wave tools and chemicals began to be used in the 1930s; and more people started to visit hairdressing salons after 1950s. In turn change of hair styles promoted the development of beauty technologies and the diversity of beauty tools and products. Now up-to-date instrument and products for the health of hair are developed, hairdresser provide kinder service for their customers and adjust their floor space accordingly, and, as shown in five-day workweek, are making their endeavors to improve wellbeing of their employees.


  • 장영혜 Jang, Young-hye. 대구가톨릭대학교 대학원
  • 조기여 Jo, Ki-Yeu. 거창전문대학


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