Let’s Boost up the Linguistic Awareness in Language Education


Changyong Yang

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The basic starting point of the present paper is the following: “teachers need a depth and breadth of expertise about language because of the range of functions they must serve”(Adger, Snow, and Christian 2002:2). In spite of this kind of argument, it is widely assumed that many teacher know much less about language than they should know. With this fact in mind, the main goal of the present paper is not theoretically-oriented to entangle a certain linguistic phenomenon but rather designed to look over the recent trend in language teaching and learning. Among many other things, our focus goes on to the awareness-raising of linguistic materials in language teaching and learning. In doing so, it is expected that we can bridge the gap between linguistic exploration and educational linguistics which can be intertwined to provide the better explanation of language functions and tasks that can be incorporated into English language teaching materials.


 1. Introduction
 2. Linguistics and its Awareness
  2.1 Linguistics
  2.2 Language education
  2.3 Language awareness through linguistic study
 3. Language teachers and their roles
 4. Studies in linguistics: its trends
  4.1 Linguistics: formal to functional
  4.2 Pragmatic competence in language classes
  4.3 spoken and written language
  4.4 Discourse: beyond the sentence
  4.5 From grammar to grammaring
 5. Conclusion


  • Changyong Yang 양창용. Jeju National University


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