안전 취약계층을 배려하는 재난 불안척도에 관한 연구


A study on Disaster Anxiety scale consideration the safety vulnerable group

문유미, 한경보

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In changes of social environment, change of the use of land due to the change of residence type, industry and urban structure is an influential factor to safety vulnerable social group. From PTSD from disaster experience point of view, experience of disaster, damage from disaster, witness of disaster make people experience anxiety and confusion, increase the anxiety toward disaster and lead to difficulty in daily lives. As for the result of analyzing anxiety factors regarding disaster damage potential composed of 20 items of safety manager, damage potential of sink hole which recently rapidly increased was the highest, and followed by anxiety from safety damage potential of family, anxiety from phone call damage. Likewise, if the anxiety toward disaster damage potential is digitized, it contributes to setting safety management planning for disaster prevention as it visualizes the risk.


 1. 서론
  1.1 연구의 배경 및 목적
 2. 이론적 배경 및 선행논문고찰
  2.1 취약계층 및 안전취약계층
  2.2 재난불안
 3. 연구방법 및 재난피해가능성에 대한 불안척도의 한계
  3.1 연구방법
  3.2 재난피해 가능성에 대한 불안척도 분석및 상태불안척도의 한계
 4. 조사결과 분석
  4.1 설문조사
  4.2 신뢰도 분석
  4.3 조사대상자의 특성
  4.4 재난(T-불안) 피해가능성에 대한 불안척도
  4.5 상태불안척도
 5. 결론
 6. References


  • 문유미 Moon-Yu Mi. 경기대학교 건축공학과
  • 한경보 Han-Kyung Bo. 경기대학교 건축공학과


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