물류창고 불출자 로드밸런스율 증대 휴리스틱 알고리즘 개발


A Study on the Heuristic Algorithm Development for Load Balance Ratio Increase of Workers in Warehouse

전욱, 장정환, 장청윤, 조용철, 이창호

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Companies are pursuing the management of small quantity batch production or JIT(Just-in-time) system for improving the delivery response and LOB(Line Balancing) in order to satisfy consumers’ increasing demands in the current global economic recession. And in order to improve the growth of production for reducing manufacturing cost, improvements of the Load Balancing have become an important reformation factor. Thus this paper is aimed at warehouse which procures materials on the assembly line in procurement logistics of automotive logistics and proceed with research on heuristic algorithm development which can increase the Load Balancing of workers. As a result of this study, when applied the primary target value, it was verified that the whole workers decreased from 28 to 24. Furthermore, when specified the secondary target value and applied algorithm once more, it was verified that the Load Balance Ratio was improved from 44.96% to 91.7%.


 1. 서론
 2. 이론적 배경
  2.1 로드밸런스율
  2.2 라인밸런싱
  2.3 휴리스틱 알고리즘
  2.4 관련연구
 3. 본론
  3.1 조달 물류
  3.2 부하 평준화의 필요성
  3.3 로드밸런스 휴리스틱 알고리즘
  3.4 로드밸런스 휴리스틱 알고리즘 적용 결과
 4. 결론 및 향후 연구과제
 5. References


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