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Elder Drivers and Age-related Changes : A User Requirement Analysis for In-Vehicle Information System

배성현, Jose Fernando Sabando, 김상호

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The objectiveof this study is to analyze the needs anddetermine the requirements ofelder drivers for effectivelyusing In-vehicle Information Systems (IVIS), by reducing cognitive and physical impact on this vulnerable group. The persona method was used to determine the relevant characteristics of older drivers. Task analysis was performed in order to obtain general interaction problems of the personas when using a common function of recent days IVIS. The results were classified in the different usability goals as general requirements, specific needs. This study suggest improvement directions in order to develop an elderly friendly IVIS; in addition, different usability metrics were suggested. In this way, elder drivers would easily interact with new powerful functions supplied by IVIS of modern cars; while improving safety and comfort of an rapidly aging society.


 1. 서론
 2. 연구 방법
  2.1 페르소나 도출
  2.2 작업 분석
  2.3 사용자 요구사항 분석
 3. 연구 결과
  3.1 페르소나
  3.2 작업 분석 결과
  3.3 고령운전자 요구사항 도출 결과
 4. 토의 및 결론
 5. References


  • 배성현 Sung-Hyun Bae. 금오공과대학교
  • Jose Fernando Sabando 금오공과대학교
  • 김상호 Sang-Ho Kim. 금오공과대학교


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