또래관계 문제로 의뢰된 비자발적인 청소년내담자를 위한 인형진단평가 사례연구


A Case Study of Figure Diagnostic Evaluation on Reluctant Adolescent Clients with Peer Relationship Problems

배우열, 선우현

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The purpose of this study is (a) to enhance the motivation of the adolescent clients with peerrelationship problems for counseling through figure diagnostic evaluation, (b) to identify their psychologicalcharacteristics, and (c) to provide effective interventions and counseling methods based on the evaluation results. In this study, figure diagnostic evaluation was implemented on three adolescent clients, and their psychologicalcharacteristics were analyzed based on the evaluation results. The findings of this study are as follows; First,through the process of choosing figures, feeling, and talking about them, the motivation of the adolescentclients for counseling were promoted. Second, figure diagnostic evaluation worked effectively in setting goalsand direction of the counseling; the evaluation results showed the psychological characteristics of the adolescentclients with peer relationship problems. Based on the evaluation results, the problems and inner conflicts of theclients could be identified and conceptualized more effectively. Therefore, figure diagnostic evaluation isexpected to be used effectively in counseling institutions such as schools, youth counseling welfare centers, andprobation centers, etc; figure diagnostic evaluation can minimize the resistance of the adolescent clients andhelp counselors make exact diagnosis and assessment of the clients so as to make more effective interventionsin the short-term counseling.


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  4 또래관계 문제로 의뢰된 비자발적인 청소년내담자의 동물인형 특징과 상징의미
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  • 배우열 Bae, Woo-yeul. 명지대학교 일반대학원 심리재활학과 박사과정 놀이치료전공
  • 선우현 Sunwoo, Hyun. 명지대학교 사회교육대학원 아동심리치료학과 주임교수


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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