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A Study on The Effects of Valid Patent on Business Performance in The SMEs

정석화, 신호균

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This study examines the effect of valid patents held by SMEs in the small and medium - sized manufacturing sector on the firm 's performance. First, while the valid patent rate affects negatively(-) on the business performance, the number of effective patent registrations affects the positive(+) effect. This requires a strategy that focuses on finding valid patents that can be applied to products manufactured and sold by companies. In addition, it is important to invest more valuable patent technology and obtain valid patent in order to obtain economic performance of companies when examining patent application activities of companies. Second, the number of valid patent claims and the period required for privatization have a negative(-) effect on business performance. This requires a portfolio strategy that can demonstrate a strong patent power even if the number of claims is small, rather than a strategy to enhance the economic effect of a patent by increasing the number of claims at the time of patent application. Third, it was confirmed that the cost of privatization had a negative(-) effect on business performance. This means that the cost difference is large according to the number of patent claims, so that the lower the right cost of privatization, the higher the business performance. Fourth, it is confirmed that the number of employees affects positively (+) while the business performance affects negative(-). The number of employees of the company supports that the higher the number of patents indexed to the valid patent, the richer the human capital, and the more it affects the business performance of the enterprise. In future plans, it is important to analyze how the patents are utilized in the enterprise. In addition, it is necessary to sort and analyze the patents by business scale, business field, and development technology with interest in how they are managed and applied with companies’ technologies.


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  • 정석화 Jeong, Seokhwa. 외래교수, 금오공과대학교 교양교직과정부
  • 신호균 Shin, Hokyun. 교수, 금오공과대학교 경영학과


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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