Plans for the Eucharist Sacrament in The Belgic Confession


Min, Jang Bae

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The Eucharist Sacrament verifies the Words of God, guarantees the good will and grace of God, and strengthens our faith. The reason God added the Eucharist Sacrament in his gospel was to make us remember Him through his Words, and incarnate within us to bring his presence, confidence, and proof of the salvation he promised. Guido de bres, who realized the significance of the Eucharist Sacrament, indicated the meaning, proper attitude, and methods in The Belgic Confession Article 29 “The true church and The false church”, Article 33 “The Sacrament”, Article 35 “The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper.” The media development in the 21st century has generated cyber churches and the number of Christians not attending the church has been increasing. Under this circumstances, the significance and meaning of the Sacrament were analyzed. Therefore, churches should have more sacraments and comply the following principles. Firstly, perform the Eucharist Sacrament intactly; secondly, restore the effervescence of salvation; third, have fear and respect for God; fourth, reflect oneself before the Eucharist Sacrament; and fifth, practice the life of warm loving heart for God and neighbors. I hope the meaning of the Eucharist Sacrament, which recorded and presented in the spiritual thoughts of Guido de bres, will be reflected in the innovation of the spirit of the modern churches 500 years after the Reformation to recover its principles.


I. Introduction
 II. The Eucharist Sacrament in The Belgic Confession
  1. Article 29: The Marks of the True Church
  2. Article 33: The Sacrament
  3. Article 35: The Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper
 III. Plans for the Eucharist Sacrament
  1. Intact Execution of the Eucharist Sacrament
  2. To restore the effervescence of new lives
  3. Participating the Eucharist Sacrament with respect and fear
  4. Self-reflection before the Eucharist Sacrament
  5. Warm love for God and neighbors
 IV. Conclusion


  • Min, Jang Bae 민장배. Sungkyul University


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