Protestant Sacrificial Euchology in the 1972 UM Eucharistic Prayer


Han, Chae Dong

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The study deals with the sacrificial theme of the eucharist in a Protestant perspective, which is represented by the 1972 UM eucharistic prayer. While sacrificial spirituality is somewhat universal among all sectors of the Christianity, the view to regard the eucharist as a sacrifice is rare or abhorrent to most Protestants. For these, sacrificial languages in the Eucharist means to return to the late medieval abuse. Sacrificial euchology, however, survived especially in the Anglican eucharistic tradition without apparent articulation. The sacrificial euchology of the BCP was ingenious enough to save the theme, avoiding committing the medieval error. Cranmer’s genius was inherited by the Wesleys. The Wesleys’ encharistic hymns express the eucharistic sacrifice in terms of both objective side (grace) and subjective side (human experience and response). This rich heritage was not paid adequate attention to even by those in the traditions. The 1972 UM eucharistic prayer made a turning point for the Protestant sacrificial euchology. While sacrificial language itself is not new, the prayer may be the first Protestant eucharistic prayer to express the eucharistic sacrifice, both self-consciously and fully. It articulates the universal spirituality principles of the Anglo-Methodist tradition in terms of universal forms and expressions of ecumenical traditions, harmonizing Hippolytus’ phrases and the Antiochene tripartite pattern and opening up more profound and holistic meanings of the eucharist, which is possible when the sacrificial theme is not excluded.


I. Introduction
 II. Structure
  1. Contribution of the Original Book of Common Prayer
  2. Changes in the American Methodist Traditions
  3. New Paradigm in the 1972 Eucharistic Prayer
  4. Structural Feature of the 1972 Eucharistic Prayer
 III. Spirituality and Theology
  1. Anglo-Wesleyan Eucharistic Spirituality and Theology
  2. A Full Expression of the Anglo-Wesleyan in the 1972 Prayer
  3. Later Developments
 IV. Influences for other Wesleyan Sectors


  • Han, Chae Dong 한재동. Korea Nazarene University


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