캐나다 모음상승 특성의 음향적 비교와 분석


Canadian raising quality: Some Acoustical Correlates

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According to the acoustic correlates, a comparison is made between the vowel quality of American English and Canadian English. The aim of the study is to investigate Canadian raising quality comparing with American English. Canadian raising quality is presented, focusing on some acoustic correlation such as sound wave, frequency, duration, formant and so on. The recordings were obtained of two Americans and two Canadians reading the words and phrases. The recording were subjected to both quantitative and qualitative analysis. The analysis of Canadian raising can be seen between American English and Canadian English. The phenomenon is the vowel shift from a vowel quality to another when the voiceless consonant usually comes after the diphthong. However, in this paper, it is suggested to investigate whether Canadian raising exists in front of the voiced consonants. Through the research of Canadian raising, characteristic differences could be obtained evidently through the analysis of acoustic characteristics such as frequency and formant.


 1. 서론
  1.1 연구의 목적
  1.2 연구의 범위 및 방법
  1.3 선행연구 및 연구의 방향
 2. 본론
  2.1 캐나다영어의 모음상승 현상
  2.2 연구 방법
  2.3 음향음성적 비교 및 결과
 3. 결론
  3.1 연구요약


  • 이학문 Lee, Hakmoon. 한밭대학교
  • 이정은 Lee, Jeongeun. 한밭대학교


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