IoT Compliant HD Digital Signage Controller Design using Raspberry Pi




In this paper we present IoT compliant HD Digital Signage Controller design using Raspberry Pi. Nowadays, the digital signage system have gained increasing popularity and rapidly growing communications medium that offers a wide range of exciting ways with customers, enhance brand awareness, increase sales and margin uplift by replacing the traditional static signage system. This paper presents a cost-effective IoT based HD Digital Signage Controller (DSC) using R-Pi computer that can use various kinds of displays in order to make the system as efficient and affordable as possible to provide advertisement or other relevant information to people in public areas. The system is designed in such way the information about surrounding related place is taken through sensors and directly uploaded to the internet, and thus can be accessed anytime and displayed on screens by using Raspberry Pi that serves as controller in the system. The design and implementation of the system developed by using python programming language and its hardware consists of sensors, Arduino, Raspberry Pi 3 model B board and the displays. The main targets of this study are build a cost effective Digital Signage system as well as broadcasting information at display contents in public areas and control those digital signs.


 I. Introduction
 II. Description of designed digital signage system
 III. Application and limitations
 IV. Conclusion


  • Seungyoun Yang (주)파이브텍
  • Jaekwon Shin (주)파이브텍
  • Sunghwa Lee 제주한라대학교 정보통신과
  • Jintae Kim (주)파이브텍


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