중국의 8차 5개년 계획과 ‘사회주의 시장경제’와의 연관성 연구


Study on the Correlation between 8th 5-year plan of China and Socialist Market Economy


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In April 1991, the 4th session of the 7th National People’s Congress approved the State Council’s Report entitled "The Ten-year Layout for National Economy and Social Development and 8th 5-Year plan". This Plan marked the start of a new phase in China's development. The national economy maintained its growth momentum during this time. GDP in 1995 reached 6 trillion yuan, 2.8 times than that in 1991. Significant achievements were also made in the reform of the economic system. Policy finance and commercial finance were gradually separated. A macro regulating system emerged, and the market started to play a more major role in resource allocation. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the footing of the 8th 5-year plan(1991-1995) and derive the corrrelation between Socialist Market Economy in China through the evaluation. To this end, I had looked at the background and process of 8th 5-year plan in China first, followed studying the organization method and the features of Socialist Market Economy in China. Also, assessed the plan by analyzing the problems and achievements as basis. Based on this, the implications with the plan were derived at the conclusion of this paper. The first, the powerful leadership of Deng Xiaoping overcome every obsticle to print 8th 5-year plan, including TianAnMen bloody accident, reccession of the 7th 5-year plan and distortion of economy system. Second, the idea and concept of 8th 5-year plan reflect to Socialist Market Economy of China which started in earnest from 1994. Third, during the footing period of 8th 5-year plan, the government, Communist Party and enterprise share the common perception that Socialist Market Economy should contain what kind of core contents.


 1. 서론
  1.1 연구 목적 및 구성
  1.2 선행 연구
 2. 8차 5개년 계획 편제 배경과 과정
  2.1 편제 배경
  2.2 편제 과정
 3. 8차 5개년 계획 특징과 평가
 4. ‘사회주의 시장경제’와의 연관성
  4.1 사회주의 시장경제 발전 추이
  4.2 ‘8ㆍ5계획 강요’에서 나타난 사회주의 시장경제 요인
  4.3 8ㆍ5계획 기본 편제 개념과의 연관성
 5. 결론


  • 김동하 Kim, Dong-ha. 부산외국어대학교 중국학부


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