월드뮤직의 수용과 다문화적 음악교육에 관한 초ㆍ중등교사의 의식 연구


The Investigation of school teachers' awareness about the problem concerning the multicultural music education based on the adaption of world music

이지선, 조효임

한국국악학회 한국음악연구 제35집 2004.06 pp.241-268
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This study aims to investigate the level of school teachers' awareness about the problem concerning the multicultural music education based on the adaptation of world music. For the investigation, the direct paper survey was used. This study also aims to explore a solution and complementary method toward right developmental direction of Korean music education system concerning this matter. The result of this research is as follows: Most teachers, we surveyed, fairly aware about the necessity of multicultural music education in school class, however it is revealed that this is not adequately educated in school system at the moment. The problem seems to provoke from the aspects of education circumstance or school system rather than the insufficiency of the teachers' awareness about this matter. Also, it was found that students are usually not familiar to Korean traditional music, so its education is not effectively accomplished in school education system at present. To solve this problem, it was suggested by many teachers that Korean traditional music should be globalized based on the today's sensibility. If the globalization of Korean traditional music can be successfully made, it is accordingly assumed that the gap between class music and living music will be getting smaller and the Korean traditional music will reflect the sentiment of most students. Finally, it is urgently necessary to develop audio-visual teaching materials and song collections from various cultures for developing multiculrural music education in schools. These materials will offer teachers correct information and knowledge about various music cultures in the world and thus this will accordingly contribute to make the basement that students could be brought up as citizens of world, based on the wide understanding of multiculture of the world.


Ⅰ. 머리말
 Ⅱ. 연구방법
  1. 설문조사 연구대상
  2. 연구도구 및 기간
 Ⅲ. 설문조사 결과 분석
  1. 월드뮤직에 대한 교사들의 인식과 태도
  2. 대중음악과 한국전통음악의 교육실태
  3. 다문화적 음악교육의 실태
  4. 학교음악교육에서의 문제점
 Ⅳ. 맺음말


  • 이지선 Lee, Ji-sun. 서울대학교 강사
  • 조효임 Cho, Hio-ihm. 서울교육대학교 교수


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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