Research of Lower Limb Rehabilitation Training Gait



Gait analysis is an important part of the lower limb disorder walking rehabilitation training, based on the research of the walking gait, helpful for recovery equipment control system design has important significance. This article mainly through 3 d motion capture system, the movement of human lower limb joints character such as displacement, velocity, and the body center of gravity test analysis, and in view of the human lower limb joints, four degrees of freedom model is set up, and establish the corresponding mathematical model, and using the simulation software, to verify the rationality of structure, for the future of medical rehabilitation, and provide important data for the intelligent control of the organization.


 1. Introduction
 2. Lower Limb Walking Gait Analysis
 3. Lower Limbs Motion Parameters of Acquisition
  3.1. Human Motion Data Acquisition of Lower Limbs
  3.2. Human Motion Data Acquisition of Lower Limbs
  3.3. Zero Moment Point (ZMP) Gait Planning
  3.4. Four Degrees of Freedom Modeling Method
 4. Conclusion


  • Meng Zhang Changchun University ,Changchun,China
  • Xiao li Wang Changchun University ,Changchun,China
  • Pan Su Department of Orthopedics, the Second Hospital of Jilin University, Changchun, China
  • Yang Yudan China-Japan Union Hospital, Jilin University, Changchun, China


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