杜甫 일기의 재구성, 杜甫年譜 제작의 역사와 그 의미


Reconstruction of Dufu’s biography : The study of history and it’s meaning in the Dufu’s chronology

두보 일기의 재구성, 두보연보 제작의 역사와 그 의미


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The purpose of this study is to investigate the formal and content characteristics of various Du-fu chronology as well as the literary meaning of the Du-fu yearbooks, which were produced from the Song dynasty to the Qing dynasty. Among the Du-fu annals that have been reported so far, there are various types of anniversaries, such as the chronology of the time when the duo lived and the chronology of the tabular annual report that clearly shows the biographies through the table, It can be seen that there are various types of annuals such as the one - year annual report on the works left by Du-fu. In particular, in the process, the annals of both sides of the the qing dynasty have been recognized as separate works of their own, but this study has confirmed that they quoted the annals of the main school ages as they are. In addition, I have examined the methods of tracking the biographies of their bios based on existing biographies by comparing and analyzing biographical biographical information described in each annals. In particular, he wrote his works in the form of a diary. In the making of the annals, the composition of the biographies through these two works, the construction of a chronology by revising and reviewing the records described in the history books, And it is confirmed that the annuals are produced through the reconstruction process of the biweekly biography through the confirmation with the characters like Li-bai, Gu-shi, Yan-mu. As I have already pointed out in various research results, the production of the annals is a methodical attempt to implement the ‘acquaintance theory’ and the ‘reverse order’. However, the production of the annals was not merely to identify the activities of the duo, but was an analytical attempt to grasp the overall flow and contents of the work. In other words, the production of such an annals can be said to have a value in that it is a way of exchanging writers and emotions through the reader’s experience not the situation at the time, and the discovery of the remains, The production of annals was an interpretive attempt to read individual works in a context. Until now, the annals were merely ancillary means of decorating the front of the literary works, but in fact, the annual memorandum contains an in-depth understanding of the literary man, his own interpretation, and consideration of the times when the writer lived. It is worthy of all that the wide knowledge is shared.


본고는 宋代 이후 본격적으로 제작된 연보 가운데 杜甫年譜를 연구 대상으로 삼아 역대 편찬 상황을 일람하고, 주요 연보 가운데 나타나는 杜甫 일대기의 구성 방식과 연보의 문학적 의미를 규명하는데 목적을 두었다. 본 연구에서는 두보연보의 구성 방식을 크게 세 가지로 나누어 살펴보았다. 杜詩가 지니고 있는 자전적 성격에 근거하여 그가 남긴 작품을 활용하는 것, 史書 기록에 한 수정과 보완 그리고 두보와 교유한 문인에 대한 고증 과정이 바로 그것인데, 이러한 과정을 통해 확정된 두보 일기 가운데에는 여전히 많은 이설들이 존재하는 것이 사실이다. 이는 곧 연보를 제작하는 후대 문인들의 두보에 한 해석과 인식이 반영된 것이라고 할 수 있는 바, 본고는 지금까지 보조적 문헌으로만 인식되던 연보에 대한 인식을 재정립하고, 이것이 지니는 문학적, 문화적 가치를 규명하고자 하였다.


1. 들어가며
 2. 역대 杜甫年譜의 제작과 그 특징
 3. 杜甫 일대기의 구축
  3.1 두보 시를 통한 일대기 구축
  3.2 역사 기록을 통한 일대기 구축
  3.3 교유 문인과의 고증을 통한 일대기의 구축
 4. 콘텍스트를 통한 杜詩 읽기-年譜 제작의 의미
 5. 나오며


  • 최석원 Choi, Seok-won. 명지대학교 중어중문학과 객원조교수.


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