자동차 조립공정 부품공급 작업자별 부하밸런스 평준화 알고리즘 연구


A Study on the Improvement of Load Balance for Materials Supply Worker in Automobile Assembly Line

장정환, 장청윤, 전욱, 조용철, 김유성, 배상돈, 강두석, 이재웅, 이창호

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The efficiency of the purchasing and procurement logistics is important in automotive industry. The rationalization of production system is directly impact on productivity and quality. For this reason importance of logistics is high. Despite we are continuously making effort, our country are still below the level than developed country on logistics efficiency. Rising labor costs is an important factor in increasing logistics costs. So workforce reduction in logistics department is a large part. We deal with A-company inbound logistics, especially procurement logistics in automotive logistics as research object. So in this study we do research on work load balance about workers. We do research on 1,475 kinds of components in procurement process. We applied work load balance algorithm on chassis, final, sequence, trim warehouses workers. According to number of workers and average M/H, algorithm is applied in two ways. After applied work load balance algorithm we reduced numbers of workers from 28 to 20 and improved worker load balance rate from 47.1% to 93.7%


 1. 서론
 2. 이론적 배경
  2.1 라인밸런싱
  2.2 관련연구
 3. 본론
  3.1 자재조달 물류의 프로세스 및 작업
  3.2 부하 평준화의 필요성
  3.3 부하 평준화 방법
  3.4 부하 평준화 알고리즘 적용 결과
 4. 결론 및 향후 연구 과제
 5. References


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