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전분성 식품에서 비전분성 탄수화물 고분자의 기능


Function of non-starch polysaccharides in starchy food systems

Hyun-Seok Kim

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Starch, one of the most important energy sources for human, has been used as main or minor ingredients of the varied food systems to the purified (starch itself) and unpurified (cereals, starchy vegetables, and their flours) forms. It also plays important roles in the structure formation, quality maintenance, and cost reduction of the processed foods. Nevertheless, native starch has been first modified in the chemical and physical fashions to resolve its intrinsic demerits: incomplete solubility, uncontrolled starch paste consistency, rapid tendency of its pastes toward gelling and retrogradation, high syneresis, its higher paste opacity, etc. Regarding the nutritional aspects of native starch, the consumers have recently recognized the higher intake of simple sugars (from sucrose and starch) as causing obesity, followed by metabolic disorder. The chemically cross-linked resistant starches, belonging to the category of dietary fibers, are known to be most effective to retard and/or restrict the intake of simple sugars from starchy foods into the body. However, an increased resistance of consumers to chemically-synthesized food additives results in the attempts to exclude and/or reduce the use of chemically-modified starch products for the processed foods in food industries. Thus, many studies have tried to find the optimal compositions of native starches and non-starch polysaccharides as ways of replacing their physical and nutritional functionalities. In this presentation, accordingly, the functions of non-starch polysaccharides will be introduced and discussed on the rheological and physical properties of starch pastes, the digestibility of starches, and the structure restoration and oil uptake reduction of the bakery foods, based on our recent researches.


  • Hyun-Seok Kim 김현석. Department of Food Science and Biotechnology, Andong National University


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