Session Ⅵ : Presenters

A Study on the land owned by national operations and Improvement of Korea


한국의 국유지 운용실태 및 개선방안

Kim, Haeng Jong

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In this study, land owned by national to take a look at the reality, future operation of efficient management measures and increase the value of the land owned by national ways to increase the value of the land owned by national by commercialization, and the Government's real property policies and management capabilities of the land owned by national in conjunction with uplifting could do to so that it can be improved in the direction of the objective. Research methods the research of practicality and objectivity for Government in cooperation with the relevant ministries and departments and subject matter organically and to take advantage of external expert advisory and academia, research and demonstration materials, basic materials required for the collection, the existing literature and Internet research, relevant empirical research is centered on the material and, if necessary, in combination with the survey of local visits. First, the use and management of the future the land owned by national to take advantage of and management is to establish a baseline. Secondly, land owned by national is managed by professional institutions and organizations than can be. Third, in order to enable the use of the comprehensive land owned by national and conducts a regular survey on the land owned by national, collectivization, and the larger plans and to establish development and will have to be to use. Fourth, in order to ensure efficient management of the contracting authority land owned by national knowledge and experience with human resources and the Organization shall specialize is composed. Fifth, build and use DB information in land owned by national and to the public.


 Ⅰ. 서론
 Ⅱ. 국유지의 이론적 기초
  1. 국유지의 기초개념
  2. 국유지의 주요내용
  3. 국유지의 기능
 Ⅲ. 국유지의 이용실태 분석과 문제점
  1. 국유지의 현황
  2. 국유지의 관리정책 변천
  3. 국유지의 관리조직
  4. 국유지의 개발사례
  5. 국유지의 문제점
 Ⅳ. 국유지의 이용 및 개선방안
  1. 국유지의 이용기준의 설정
  2. 국유지의 수탁기관 전문화
  3. 국유지의 위탁활성화와 집단화 및 대형화 모색
  4. 국유지의 정기적 실태조사 및 계획수립
  5. 국유지의 DB구축 및 정보제공
 Ⅴ. 결론


  • Kim, Haeng Jong 김행종. Semyung University Professor


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