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The effects of perceived characteristics for mobile computers on the intention of acceptance



The expansion of information and communication based on the mobile computers is leading the change in the individual, enterprise, society. But the research about adoption and diffusion of mobile computer is an infancy. In this paper We try to find and prove the perceived factors influencing the acceptance intention of mobile computer by expanding Technology Acceptance Model. We include the perceived playfulness to the research model in order to analyze the factors. This empirical paper proves that the perceived usefulness, the perceived ease-of-use, and the perceived playfulness give positive effects to the acceptance intention. In addition, this paper indicates some managerial implications that the development of various and useful applications and the easy user interface can help to increase the degree of user acceptance.


 Theoretical Background
 Research Model
 Research Method
 Factor and Reliability Analysis
 Path Analysis
 Analysis of SEM
 Differences in Paht Analysis


  • Sangil Han Kangnam University, Korea


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