Water Irrigation Device의 이해와 활용


Understanding and Utilizing of Water Irrigation Device

오혜영, 최영윤

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There are many researches after 1960 which show water irrigation device can be used safely to intra oral tissues, remove dental plaque effectively, and reduce gingival bleeding and gingivitis. Water irrigation device can be used for every general dental patient, but also much more effective device for the patients with gingivitis, dental implant, dental crown, bridge, fixed orthodontic appliances, and mostly for those who feel difficulties in using dental floss or interdental brushes. It is necessary for the oral hygienic professionals to recommend and educate about this device to help those patients. There are still few researches about the safety and effectiveness of water irrigation device to the dental implant, we hope to get more research data soon.


1. 서론
 2. 본론
  2.1. 개발배경
  2.2. 메커니즘
  2.3. Water irrigation device 효과
 3. 결론


  • 오혜영 Hye-Young Oh. 수원과학대학교 치위생과
  • 최영윤 Young-Yuhn Choi. 수원과학대학교 치위생과


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