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The Effects of Translation Strategy on Korean College Students’ Business English Learning


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The purpose of the study is to explore Korean college students’ beliefs about translation in English learning and to investigate whether translation strategy has a significantly positive effect on business English learning. The data from survey questionnaire suggested that most participants hold the belief that translation plays a positive role in their English learning process and that they frequently use translation as a learning strategy. The three experiments found that (1) translation learning was more effective than context learning in learning new business English words; (2) translation benefited participants’ business English reading in terms of enhancing their reading comprehension and translation during reading helped improve their ability to comprehend sentence structures appearing in the text, and (3) the translation task was more effective in helping participants acquire the ability to produce English sentences with a target structure than the direct writing task, so translation could be a useful tool in helping improve writing accuracy.


I. 연구의 필요성 및 목적
 II. 연구 배경 및 선행연구
  1. 번역에 대한 학습자들의 인식과 태도
  2. 번역과 어휘 습득
  3. 번역과 읽기 능력
  4. 번역과 쓰기 능력
 III. 설문조사 및 실험연구
  1. 목적 및 설계
  2. 설문조사 및 실험연구의 대상
  3. 설문조사
  4. 어휘 학습에서의 번역전략
  5. 읽기 학습에서의 번역전략
  6. 쓰기 학습에서의 번역전략
 IV. 결론 및 제한점
 Works Cited


  • 김부자 Buja Kim. 서울기독대학교


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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