Translation as a Pedagogical Tool for Improving Linguistic Accuracy in Written English


Kim, Bu-ja

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The present study compares the gains in writing accuracy in the use of relative clause structures by three groups. The T-Group was provided with explicit explanation and Korean-to-English translation exercises. The S-Group was provided with explicit explanation and sentence combining exercises. The C-Group was given explicit explanation but no production exercise. Three types of tests were administered: sentence combining, sentence translation, and written retelling. The C-Group showed nonsignificant change in all of the three types of tests. The S-Group had significantly improved results in the sentence combining test. In the translation test, the S-Group showed significant improvement on the immediate posttest, but did not maintain significant improvement on the delayed posttest. The S-Group did not show significant change in the written retelling test. The T-Group made significant improvement in all of the three types of tests and showed endurable results. The T-Group performed as well as the S-Group on the sentence combining test. On the translation and written retelling tests, the T-Group achieved significantly superior results than the S-Group. These results indicate translation exercises had substantially beneficial effects on improving writing accuracy in using the target relative clause structures and that translation exercises were superior to sentence combining exercises. Therefore, it can be concluded that translation can be used as a useful pedagogical tool for improving linguistic accuracy in EFL classes.


I. Introduction
 II. Background
  1. A New Revival of Translation in Language Teaching
  2. Translation as a Form-Focused Techniaue
  3. Previous Studies
 III. Methodology
  1. Target Structure
  2. Subjects
  3. Design
  4. Research Questions
  5. Instructional Treatment Procedures
  6. Testing Instruments
  7. Results
  8. Discussion
 IV. Conclusion
 Works Cited
 Appendix. Example of Written Retelling Text


  • Kim, Bu-ja 김부자. Seoul Christian University


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