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털목이 신품종 ‘건이’


Characterization of a new variety Auricularia polytricha (Mont.) Sacc.’Geoni’

김길자, 이숙재, 김명석, 안호섭, 김동관, 권오도, 박흥규

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Geoni, a new variety of Auricularia polytricha, was bred in JARES(Jeollanamdo Agricultural Research and Extension Services) in 2012. Geoni was selected through the monospore hybridization with JNM21008 and JNM21014 in 2010. Based on a performance test conducted from 2011 to 2012, the Geoni was selected from a line showing an excellent light brown pileus and strong pest resistance. Geoni has a favorable chewiness, light brown and smooth pileus. In addition, Geoni was rich in dietary fiber. MCM(mushroom complete medium), Malt and PDA(Potato Dextrose Agar) mediums were suitable for cultivating the Geoni. The number of effective stipes was 39 ea/0.9 kg and minor axis and major axis of pileus were 6.9 cm and 8.7 cm respectively. The yield of Geoni was 291 g/0.9 kg in plastic bag. Geoni was required 40~54 days for culture at 20oC and 24days for the primordia and growth period, which is longer than that of the control (Pung-un). Somatic incompatibility was formed between parental strains and Geoni. Analysis of the genetic diversity of the new variety "Geoni”revealed a different profile from the parental strains when RAPD(random Amplified Polymorphic DNA) primers were used.


 재료 및 방법
  자실체 및 재배 특성검정
  물리적 특성 및 기능성 분석
  DNA 다형성 검사
 결과 및 고찰
  자실체 형태적 특성
  물리적 특성 및 기능성 분석
  병해충 저항성 및 수량성
  자실체 수량성
  DNA 다형성 분석


  • 김길자 Kil-Ja Kim. 전라남도농업기술원 식량작물연구소
  • 이숙재 Sook-Jae Lee. 전라남도농업기술원 식량작물연구소
  • 김명석 Myeong-Seok Kim. 전라남도농업기술원 식량작물연구소
  • 안호섭 Ho-Sub An. 전라남도농업기술원 식량작물연구소
  • 김동관 전라남도농업기술원 식량작물연구소
  • 권오도 Oh-Do Kwon. 전라남도농업기술원 식량작물연구소
  • 박흥규 Heung-Gyu Park. 전라남도농업기술원 식량작물연구소


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