패러디를 통한 영시 교육 방법의 모색 : 『그의 수줍은 연인에게』의 개작시들을 중심으로


Teaching English Poetry Using Parody : Three Poems Reinventing “To His Coy Mistress”


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This paper aims at exploring possibilities of using parody texts in the English poetry course, focusing on three poems that revise or comment on Andrew Marvell’s “To His Coy Mistress.” As parody activates a re-evaluation of the original text and functions as double- voiced discourse, using parody in the classroom is an effective method to engage the students in discussions that compare and contrast a parody text to the original text. Richard Wilbur’s “A Late Aubade,” Diane Ackerman’s “A Fine, A Private Place,” and Peter DeVeries’ “To His Importunate Mistress” address important issues such as time, gender roles, sexual experience, and materialism. Through in-depth class discussions of these three poems in relation to Marvell’s original text, the students are expected to develop critical thinking ability as well as accurate reading habits. The students get to approach Marvell’s poem from a variety of perspectives and analyze 20th- century society based on the comparison between 17th-century poem and modern poems reinventing it. Moreover, the teaching method utilizing various parody texts can encourage the students to produce their own parody texts and re-create dialogues between the text of the past and the current society.


I. 서론
 II. 리처드 윌버의 「늦은 아침 사랑노래」
 III. 다이앤 애커먼의 「훌륭하고 사적인 장소」
 IV. 피터 드브리즈의 「그의 뻔뻔한 연인에게」
 V. 결론을 대신하여
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