A Study on Kosugi Misei's “24 people”



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“24 people” is the high artistic poem that made by Kosugi Misei, who directly experienced the incheon sea battle as a correspondent, which prelude to the Russo-Japanese war. Kosugi Misei pondered the suffering and inner side of the Russian wounded and symbolized that in the language of poem. This became important trigger to develop Kosugi Misei's anti-war art activities. This study tried a comprehensive and detailed analysis and interpretation about the “24 people” which have not been studied in depth at the academic level. The significant results of this study are as follows. First, “24 people” is the first poem based on the author's own experience, expressing the horrors of the Russo-Japanese War, It was born in close association with drawing activities and versifying activities. Second, The delicate observations and detailed strokes as a painter are mixed in the poetic diction then, finished with high quality works of reality and artistry. Third, this work embodied the pain and suffering of injured soldiers to poetic diction, It becomes beginning of a trend which is like Kosugi Misei's war poetry. Fourth, The poet's speaker, asked the responsibility of the Russo-Japanese war not only Russia but also Japan. In addition, he expresses his sympathetic attitude toward the Korean people who are the victims of this war, It is a special aspect that cannot be found in the war poetry of other poets during the Russo-Japanese War. Finally, One of the most distinctive aspects in the development of the antiwar artistic activity of Gosugi Misei, He expressed the poem and picture with transcending the distinction between enemy forces, friendly forces, also between races and peoples. The poem “24 people” has important meaning by showing the artistic trend of Kosugi Misei impressively for the first time.


Ⅰ. はじめに
 Ⅱ. 仁川海戦と「二十四人」
 Ⅲ. 「二十四人」の詩的形象化の様相と詩的話者の態度
 Ⅳ. おわりに


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