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The Study on the Formation of System-Building Period of Oeguan Guansu Diary


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The Study on the Formation of System-Building Period of Oeguan Guansu Diary Park, Hwa-Jin The Diary of Oeguan Lead in Busanpo had been written from 1687 to 1870. It's was about 846 volumes which has been displayed really the active exchange of the culture and diplomacy between Korea and Japan, and we could know the real life environments of Busanpo 330 years ago. Therefore I would inquire into the formation of system-building period of the Oeguan(Busanpo) Guansu diary with a careful analysis. The contents would be a historical change of Busanpo Oeguan, the national environment such as weather and wind of Busanpo, the annual events and daily life of Choryang Oeguan. The subject of investigation is the Diary of Oeguan Lead in the late seventeenth century. It was very fine weather which was consisted of 80% for a year in the late seventeenth century, the cloudy and windy days were rare. The directions of the wind which Choryang Oeguan regarded very highly were represented variously, it was related with sailing between Busanpo and Tsushima. Therefore we would guess the new facts, the first fact is that Busanpo was the busy harbor, and the second fact is who was the first recorder of the Oeguan Guansu Diary, the third fact is the concrete residents of Choryang Oeguan, the fourth fact is the first using time of the term of Seongsin(誠信) which was very famous as the spirit of Joseontongsinsa etc. The term of Seongsin(誠信) is known as the word which was used by Amenomori Hoshu(1668~1755) in the early years of the eighteenth century.


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  • 박화진 Park, Hwa-Jin. 부경대학교 인문사회대학 사학과 교수


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