대학 교양/기초 교육으로서의 독서교육 방향 탐색


Direction of Reading Education in the University


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In the current university education that only emphasizes practicality and job conformance, cultivating interdisciplinary knowledge through reading education can be a god way to satisfy the original goal of university education. Universities are already inducing students to read books through various reading encouragement programs and managing or developing subjects related to reading education in general education level. This study aimed to review how they are managed, what kind of problems they have, and search for ways of reading education in university. First of all, this study examined the current reading programs of universities and their problems. After reviewing the current status and problems of the common reading programs of universities such as ‘presenting recommended books’, ‘reading certificate system’, and ‘provision of mileage’, it suggested the necessity of staged reading programs with the level of composition nearing that of subjects such as freshmen reading programs of American universities. Then, it presented the necessity of reading education linked with subjects and examined the current status and ways to develop that. It analyzed the status of introducing and developing the subject of reading education at the general education level in universities in 2000, and explored ways of effective reading education by connecting systematic reading and discussion-linked reading. This study focused on how to realize reading education that aims to cultivate interdisciplinary knowledge than on functional and practical reading. In the reality of Korea where ‘Liberal Arts’ and ‘Discipline’ are divided, reading education is expected to serve the important role of closing the gap between the two.


I. 대학의 교양/기초 교육 강화와 독서
 II. 독서 프로그램의 방식과 문제점
 III. 교과과정에서 독서교육의 방식과 문제점
 IV. 대학 독서교육을 위한 제언


  • 김성연 Kim Seong Yeon. 세명대학교 교양과정부


자료제공 : 네이버학술정보

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