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A Study on Depression of Elderly Women Living Alone in Gyeongju


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This study was conducted to understand the characteristics of elderly women living alone, to verify the variables related to depression, and the factors contributing to depression among elderly women living alone. The data was collected from 210 elderly women who live by themselves in Gyeongju and they were over 65 years of age. The data was done by structural survey through the 1:1 interview. T-test, ANOVA, Tukey test, correlation analysis, and stepwise multiple regression were used to analyze this data through the SPSSWIN 18.0. Results are as follows. The degree of depression is different between variable groups such as the level of education, length of period living alone, income satisfaction, religious engagement, leisure activity, and current disease. There was a negative correlation between depression and perceived social support, self-reported health, and ADL. The two factors that affect to depression, from the result of multiple regression by the stepwise selection, were health perception and perceived social support. Conclusion is as follows. In order to prevent or decrease the depression among elderly women who do not have family to live together, health management, social support and development of health promotion program are also required.


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  • 최성혁 Choi, Sung Hyeok. 서라벌대학교 사회복지과 조교수


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