A Study on Low Cost Airline Design Renewal - Focusing on Jeju Air



Recently, the aviation industry is developing day by day. Now aircraft was changed to public transportation. The market growth of low cost airlines is high. With the launch of low cost airlines as a momentum in 2005, they are also growing rapidly in Korea. After recording the market share of more than 45% in 2014, they have grown continuously. Among them, Jeju Air attracted attention as No. 1 low cost airline in Korea. Now Jeju Air, which recorded the high growth for 10 years, expands its international routes beyond the physical market share and is reborn as a global airline mainly in Southeast Asia. In this process, now it is time to review if brand design of airlines can be efficiently used as an important marketing tool suitable for this purpose.. Thus, future-oriented design strategy and planning urgently made its appearance based on the status and analysis of advantages and disadvantages of existing brand identity design of Jeju Air. The research and analysis of data on design system of existing general airlines and low cost airlines revealed problems of the brand image implementation and identity establishment of Jeju Air. In particular, Jeju Air’s own graphic image was not efficient. Based on the research results, we selected a variety of brand design ideas and design appropriate for the future corporate strategy and determined and applied Jeju Air design system focusing on the fuselage design. As a result, we emphasized the efficiency and simplicity of communication by displaying the brand image of Jeju Air with a focusing on the character design of Jeju Air. In particular, simplifying the formative feature of the image of Jeju Island and applying variable design in the tail section of the fuselage exposed the most frequently increased happy travel feelings of passengers by enhancing variety and freshness, fun. As design of satisfying a number of environments, condition systems as well as fuselage design of aircraft, this is predicted to be highly efficient in improving the images of Jeju Air. It is expected to be helpful in enriching the role of design in the aviation industry in the future.


 1. Introduction
 2. JEJU Air Design Analysis
  2.1 Comparison Design Analysis of Regular and Low Cost Airline
 3. Design Concept of JEJU Air Design
 4. Idea Sketch and Nominated Renewal Design of JEJU Air
 5. Final Renewal Design of JEJU Air


  • Park Kyuwon Communication Design Dept., Hanyang University


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