A Study on the IP Process for One-Person Creative Companies



One-Person Creative Companies are mainly interested in social entrepreneurship by starting on the basis of creative ideas and innovative technologies in the field of knowledge services. But their intellectual rights has emerged as a major problem in the creation of a knowledge-based economy society as infringement and unauthorized using within a short time. This study starts from the necessity(IP, 知識財産權) of recognizing problems and situations that need to improve the protection of intellectual property of the company, and it is the purpose by utilizing the IP and an object thereof is to present a new intellectual property of the enterprise process. The present study was to survey their awareness of the need and effectiveness of intellectual property rights aimed at executives gathered and put the result. This report was used as a premise suggests that the need for intellectual property building process. One-Person Creative Companies share their knowledge into the design and manufacturing service and it is divided and analyzed as five each cases (①Core technology, ②Features, ③ Intellectual Property kind, ④Strategy). Analyzed data with the basic premise to describe the kinds of intellectual property and the intellectual property strategy required a step-by-step process. Based on the derived analysis was proposed new intellectual property process, ①IP Prior research, ②Design Rights analysis, ③ IP Design Strategy configuration, ④ IP Application Strategy ⑤ The Intellectual property rights protection and creation strategies for One-Person Creative Companies. It can be the breaking point to offer the complete process only intellectual property elements, but an opportunity for new understanding on intellectual property rights of these studies attempt has been been marginalized compared to the relatively large one One-Person Creative Companies action now, to express the need for the intellectual property process in the sense that it could be able to find the significance of this paper. I hope this study will be contributed to the emergence and expansion of strategic intellectual property process methodology in the future.


 1. Introduction
  1.1 Research Purpose
  1.2 Research Method
 2.Theoretical Consideration
  1.1 Design Protection Act and The Intellectual Property Rights
  1.2 Concept of One-Person Creative Companies
 3. Intellectual Property Case of the Oneperson Creative Companies
 4. Development of IP Process
  1.1 Process Definition
  1.2 Proposal of the IP Process
 4. Conclusion


  • Nam Ji-ah Dankook University


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