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Remediation treatment system for beneficial use of contaminated sediments at the bottom of water bed

김경련, Eun-Ji Won, Jin Young Choi

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Although the remediation mechanism of contaminated marine sediments is similar to that of soil, particle size distribution, high contents of organic matters and the presence of chlorine ions might be also limit factors comparing to the remediation of contaminated soil. If remediation process could be conducted on-site(or immediate area) of target area and if treated sediments might be used beneficially followed by environmental dredging, Korea’s dilemma such as the mass transportation hardship of dredged materials, the lack of treatment area(upland/near shore) and et cetra will not take place. Based on experimental results, the use of oxidant(H2O2) and non-ionic surfactant (Tween80) was very effective and adequate on the viewpoint of environmental safety, cost and second pollution. Lots of treated sediments under various conditons were to meet domestic environmental standards for disposal such as near shore confined disposal facility (NS-CDF) as well as beneficial use at up-land landfill. Thus washing technology by using H2O2 and Tween80 combined with particle separation(higher than 125 μm, 125~ 63 μm, 63~ 32 μm, lower than 32 μm) might be successfully applied in the remediation of contaminated marine sediments. Remediation treatment system which could be treated for 2 tone per hour(Sediments, dry weight) was verified under various conditions such as solid, liquid ratio 1:3 et cetera then treated sediemnts were determined by blind test at 2~3 verification institute


 Backgrounds What is contaminated sediments?
 Remediation of contaminated sediments
 Various treatment/disposal methods
 Flow of domestic remediation projects and research


  • 김경련 Kyoungrean Kim. 한국해양과학기술원 환경기반연구센터 책임연구원
  • Eun-Ji Won Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology
  • Jin Young Choi Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology


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