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Factors Influencing Depression of Nurses among Comprehensive Nursing Care Service Ward

이에리쟈, 장성숙

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Purpose: The purpose of this study was to identify depression and its influencing factor of nurses among comprehensive nursing care service ward. Methods: The research was cross-sectional descriptive study. The subjects of the study were 173 nurses of comprehensive nursing care service ward in Gyeonggi-do. Data collection was done using self-reported structured questionnaires asking about job stress, emotional labor, job burnout, somatic symptoms, turnover intention, depression and general characteristics from May 16 to June 3, 2016. Data were analyzed with SPSS/WIN 19.0 program. Results: Mean scores of job stress were 159.15 (range 43~215), emotional labor 30.90(range: 9~45), job burnout 59.45 (range: 0~132), somatic symptoms 24.03 (range: 12~60), turnover intention 5.61 (range 0~18) and depression 19.25 (range: 0~60) and reported as depression in 63.6%. Somatic symptoms (β=.26, p<.001), job burnout (β=.37, p<.001) had significant associations with depression and the most important variable was job burnout. Conclusion: It is necessary to apply the developed program to reduce job burnout in hospitals and to prevent and/or control depression. And also, it needs to improve working conditions and increase the nursing staff to reduce somatic symptoms for nurses among comprehensive nursing care service ward.


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  1. 간호ㆍ간병통합서비스 병동 간호사의 직무 스트레스, 감정노동, 직무소진, 신체증상, 이직의도 및 우울 정도
  2. 간호ㆍ간병통합서비스 병동 간호사의 일반적 특성에따른 직무 스트레스, 감정노동, 직무소진, 신체증상,이직의도 및 우울과의 관계
  3. 간호ㆍ간병통합서비스 병동 간호사의 직무 스트레스,감정노동, 직무소진, 신체증상, 이직의도 및 우울과의 관계
  4. 간호ㆍ간병통합서비스 병동 간호사의 우울에 영향을 미치는 요인
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  • 이에리쟈 Lee, Eliza. 서일대학교 간호과
  • 장성숙 Chang, Sung Sook. 인천사랑요양병원


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