A Study on Intention of Use e-Procurement Systems for Public Institutions User



This study examined the usage intention for electronic e-Government procurement services among Public Institution Procurement Managers. The unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT) model and the task–technology fit (TTF) model were combined to establish a study model. An hypothesis was formed and verified using SMART PLS. The results show that the UTAUT factors examined in this study effort expectance, social influence, and facilitating conditions influence usage intention. This study is significant in applying both the TTF and UTAUT models with strong explanatory power and identifying the characteristics of the tasks and technology that are required for the use of e-Procurement systems.


 1. Introduction
 2. The Concept of the E-Procurement System
 3. Theoretical Considerations
  3.1. UTAUT(Unified Theory of Acceptance and Use of Technology)
  3.2. TTF(Task Technology Fit)
 4. Research Model and Data Analysis
  4.1. Research Model
  4.2. Hypotheses
  4.3. Definition of Research Variables
  4.4. Data Analysis Results and Hypothesis Testing
 5. Conclusion


  • Woon-heok Ko Public Procurement Service
  • Seung Ryul Jeong Kookmin University, Graduate School of Business IT
  • Kil-hwan Shin LIG System
  • Choon Yeul Lee Kookmin University, Graduate School of Business IT


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