A Study on the Intention of Public Institution Managers and Procurement Business Bidding Managers to Use the e-Procurement System



This study analyzes the difference in the intention to use an e-Procurement system by examining public institution procurement managers and the bidding managers of procurement businesses who participate in government bids. A comparison of intention of use between procurement institutions and procurement businesses showed that the influence on the intention to use among public institution procurement managers was stronger than was that on procurement business bidding managers. The results also showed that public institution procurement managers had a stronger influencing relationship with social influence, task–technology fit, partnership, and security variables; the factors and functions related to these must be strengthened in order to revitalize the e-Procurement system. Meanwhile, procurement business bidding managers had a strong relationship with the facilitating condition and technological characteristic variables. This study is significant in showing the importance of strengthening the functions related to security.


 1. Introduction
 2. Research Model and Data Analysis
  2.1. Research Model
  2.2. Definition of Research Variables
  2.3. Hypotheses
  2.4. Data Analysis Results and Hypothesis Testing
 3. Conclusion


  • Kil-hwan Shin LIG System
  • Choon Yeul Lee Kookmin University, Graduate School of Business IT
  • Woon-heok Ko Public Procurement Service


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